• “I own several cars in my collection and most of which the batteries die frequently. The Black Rhino Battery Booster has been an absolute life saver allowing me to go from car to car and jump start each without worrying about finding an outlet and plugging in my trickle charger. By far a must have for every car guy out there!”

    Phil – San Diego, CA

  • “Wow, these Rhino 700 modified sheaves should be installed from stock. It’s the single best mod available for the Rhino’s. I’ve spent over $8000 on accessories and this clutch was the best money spent.”

    Dan – Arizona

  • “Replaced my factory Yamaha Rhino 660 sheave with a Black Rhino modified sheave. The factory sheave had a groove wore in it from being held wide open all the time. It definitely improved performance. Also replaced inside sheave. I would recommend this product for sure”.

    Barry – Michigan

  • “I added a sport utility clutch to my rhino 660 and I am very pleased with the results. Added 8 additional m.p.h. to the slow beast.”

    Stewart – Lawton, OK

  • I just wanted to thank Kenny and the team at Black Rhino Performance for outfitting my new XP1000 with the latest and greatest options. As always the team was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to tooling my RZR all around Wisconsin.

    Steve Naughton

  • “My car wouldn’t start today after I was at the post office someone tried jumping it with their car and it still wouldn’t start. Another guy showed up and Hooked up the Black Rhino Battery Booster and it started first try. I think he’s part owner of the company I believe his name was Sean, he was an awesome guy saved me from calling a tow truck. I am buying at least one and I would recommend it to everyone.”

    Blaze Estrada

  • The BRP CDI is a must have for ANY Rhino! Best performance option for the price, easy to install!

    Jeff -Ohio

  • The Rhino 660 Performance CDI increased my top end from 42mph to 51mph!! I have had the BR ignition for 6 months and I swear by it….My favorite add-on to date.

    Stan – Wisconsin

  • Had my dealer install the Rhino 700 Stage II Performance ignition, which was with great ease i am told. Plug and play basically. My Rhino would govern out at 40 km/ hr. On average its moving upwards 70 km/ hr and when I push it hard it will do 80 km/hr. Big improvement in throttle response as well.

    Dave – Toronto, CN