Great Review from UTV Off Road Magazine on the Black Rhino Battery Booster

Great Review from UTV Off Road Magazine on the Black Rhino Battery Booster

“Black Rhino Performance Battery Booster Power Supply”

June 20, 2015 by

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“As avid UTV enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for new products that blow our minds. Recently, we found one- Black Rhino’s Battery Booster Power Supply. At $99.99, it’s cheaper than most jumper boxes that you can buy from the auto parts store, and it has a ton more features as well.

The entire carrying case is about the size of an iPad, and the battery pack itself is 5.0” x 2.8” x 0.5”. For comparison, an iPhone 6+ is 6.22” x 3.06” x 0.28”. For something of its size, it packs a serious punch, offering up 400 peak amps of cranking power from its tiny black battery case. Included with the package are a set of mini jumper cables, a USB cable, a home charger, and a 12V car charger. Included with the USB cord are a myriad of different adapters to fit everything from an iPod to a laptop. It all fits nicely into the zip-up case, and the battery even features an LED flashlight built in.

Disaster struck during the UTV Industry Ride- just before a big group ride, we discovered that we left the stereo switched on overnight, completely draining our RZR’s battery and rendering it completely useless. Without a large jumper box handy, we pulled the Black Rhino booster out of its pack to give it a try. We plugged the mini jumper cables in, attached them to the battery terminals, and waited a couple minutes. Much to our pleasure, the RZR turned over and started right up. We had to leave the battery pack plugged in for a bit so it could run the RZR’s fuel injection and ignition while the stator put some charge in the battery, but 5 minutes later, we were off and running. Not bad for something the size of your cell phone.

New battery technology almost seems like black magic to some of us old-school mechanic types who are used to huge lead-cell batteries. Gone are the days of carrying a massive jumper box on long journeys in case one of the rigs runs into a battery issue- we feel plenty comfortable stuffing this bad boy into the glove box. You can even charge the small booster while you ride via your UTV’s 12v outlet, ensuring it’s never dead when you need it. Come to think of it, the box is even small enough to fit in our Mob Armor cell phone dash mount while charging. Who would have thought something this small could pack such a big punch?
If you don’t have one, do yourself a favor- spend the $100 and get one for backup. Heck, it will even start your family sedan if you need it to. We tested that too!”  or 619-561-5000

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